Day #3 FULL PORTIONS Butter Win!

Weetabix x 2.

Morning Snack
Wholemeal toast x 2, butter.

Stewed steak, herb dumpling, sliced green beans, boiled potatoes.
Strawberry mousse.

Jacket potato, margarine, baked beans, side salad.
Ice-cream (2 scoops).

Weetabix x 2.

Pint of semi-skimmed milk.

One BIG recovery win I can I have totally carried forward… is butter! Those first few days of even trying to battle completing one slice of toast, I didn’t question choosing the margarine. (we get given the choice of having to pick one of either, which I think is great that they give you responsibility to make your own informed decision, not forced) Well, I DID question margarine, because my head definitely wouldn’t allow anything ‘extra’ like spreads in it’s little numerical world…

…I do feel quite proud that I haven’t reverted back, since one of the other patients took the lead and inspired me to try butter for taste preference purposes. But again, Anorexia worm’s it’s little baby bottom in and says, if I’m having it on toast that morning, I am not allowed it on my jacket potato. (we have to apply one portion of either spread to this too) so I haven’t quite smashed that whole brick wall down yet.

Still though – how much better does butter taste?



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