Chees-us! We’re in Heaven (in Buzz Cafe)…

First thing’s first! Let’s just talk about the salad dressing that I can still taste in my mind…

So out came this little plastic pot of sparkly, golden liquid which I assumed to be your average Jo of a vinaigrette, resting beside my salad like a good mate. Little did I know my taste-buds were into a dreamy surprise. Sweet and a little tangy, the rainbow salad became excited as I drizzled it on. It was like the salad was the rainbow and the dressing was the pot of gold at the end of it, if you get my drift! 😉 (I loved that the dressing was left off the salad, and you had the choice with your very own personal plastic pot! Helpful for my mum as she isn’t keen on them so left it off) I don’t know about you but there’s nothing less satisfying than having a side salad brought out to you drenched in a dressing that is overpowering or bland and if you don’t like it… well, you’re stuffed. Okay maybe not quite that dramatic, but it can leave you feeling disappointed anyway. (it does me)

During the meal when my mum and I were approached by the waitress asking if everything was okay (genuinely, not in the false manner sometimes you get the vibe from when you’re asked)… I then questioned what the dressing was after absolutely loving it. She explained it was a honey mustard – made with oil and vinegar. I was so pleasantly surprised as I used to love honey mustard and hadn’t had it for ages. It was a lovely touch to hear that the café makes their own dressing, instead of shoving a pre-made one on the side for the sake of it.

The café I’m talking about is the ‘Buzz Café’, owned by Waltham Kitchen (deli) which has a shop down Grimsby Road. If you’re local to Grimsby, it’s situated in the business village near the Grimsby Tesco. (look it up on Google) Very smart, modern and exceptionally clean, was my first impression walking in. You weren’t met with tables covered in used coffee cups and wrappers; everything appeared fresh on the eye which gave me the impression that the staff on were very pro-active. (either that or I came in at a quiet period…)

Scanning the laminate menus, we noticed some classic typical sandwiches fillings like tuna and sweetcorn and chicken salad… which is comforting to anyone who likes to keep it simple. But me and my mum opted for slightly different options… my mum had raved about the pesto chicken or something at their other shop, before we came. That’s what lead us to trying the same company but different venue. She then discovered that they did have it under a disguised name of ‘Italian chicken panini’ which is at the top of the menu. It has ‘chicken breast cooked in herbs with a pesto mayonnaise, cheese & rocket’. I jumped on the cheesy bandwagon myself and went for the ‘feta cheese and roasted vegetable wrap’. I chose this because it’s not something I would typically make for myself at home. And Oh. My.

It was insane. The silky, crumbly, creamy cheese complimented the soft variety of chopped vegetables. I’m one of those (not so really) weirdos that enjoys sandwiches more using a knife and fork. But doing this enabled me to pick a good even ratio of wrap/feta/vegetable and also scoop up a bit of my golden salad alongside, in the same mouthful. I love it whenever I’m with someone who doesn’t like olives, because I get them donated! Not complaining there. Back in the days of my Anorexia, this would be off the scale in terms of greedy thoughts. I’d literally question how I could live with myself eating parts of someone else’s meal. Olives used to be one of my more scary salad items, which I’d weigh out to a specific number, terrified if the calories were any more than so-and-so. To eat my olives would be enough of a challenge for Anorexia, let alone my mum’s. I’ve not much more to say about my wrap apart from it was the most tasty thing I’ve had in ages. My mum rated her chicken pesto panini at an 8 or 9 out of 10… I would go for 9/9 and a half. My mum also ordered some chips, which she didn’t realise at the time that would actually be handmade. They came in a trendy little bucket ready for picking out with fingers. My mum is a chip connoisseur and she shared that she really enjoyed them. They had a rustic, dark golden appearance – crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. (I should have tried one really – dam!) And that is why I’m starting to work with cafes to review food, all eating disorder thoughts aside, or pushed away in a filing cabinet somewhere. I’m zoning in focusing on the flavour, not the ‘numbers’ scuttling around the plate (calories, the way Anorexia sees it) but flavour, and food created with care and compassion like at the Buzz Café.

Obviously it would have been rude to leave the building without any coffee in our tummies after a delicious lunch; it was a lovely atmosphere to just sit with our ‘Stoke’s’ coffees, chat and chill. Th weather certainly helped with the atmosphere.

You may not normally think to go out of your way to this café, unless you work at the business village, but it’s definitely worth the trip – so please, if you’re looking for somewhere different to try for lunch, Buzz Café is there ready and waiting for you!

P.S in case my blog title wasn’t clear, it was meant to be referring to the feta and the cheese my mum has in her panini and a play on Jesus 😂 really funny, I know I know.



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