Birthday Trepidations…

Anyone else dread their birthday? I don’t all of the time, but when I’ve been in hospital I don’t take care of myself. I put on weight from being contained and not doing enough exercise, as well as some binging and purging. As well as that I just don’t feel motivated to ‘dress up’ for a birthday selfie. I think this is a big pressure nowadays for social media. This year it will just be a hoodie and freshly washed hair, I think.

I can’t actually believe I’ve been back here nearly 3 weeks – since I was on the PICU. It’s gone so fast, but weirdly on the days individually it’s gone really slow. I thought I would have been home from this acute ward ages ago now, but I guess it’s unpredictable depending how I get on. Right now, I’m doing good – as in no incidences. I promised I’d have a good weekend and I did, just one slip on Monday. I was allowed my stuff back yesterday after the blip and since then I’ve discovered a program I am OBSSESSED with. ‘Young Sheldon’. So bingeable. I haven’t watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’ apart from when it’s been on in the background at home, so I wonder if I’ll be eager to watch it after I’ve finished my current series. It always excites me finding a program that’s easily bingeable.

I’m missing my dog Hagrid, a lot. He has helped me so much since we got him. But to help my mum out being at work and also to help my sister, he’s been staying in York, and will be until at least another 10 days. I feel sad not to see him on my birthday but I do appreciate how well he’s being looked after.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts – there isn’t as much inspiration here, as I suppose I’ve been a patient here a lot, whereas at the PICU it was a brand new experience. Let me know if there’s anything you’d find interesting to read about being on an acute mental health unit.

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  1. Hope u have a good birthday, can you do a blog on who is on your care team like roles Ot’s, social workers etc I think I recall you said in previous blogs you’ve had the same care co for years that’s amazing I’m so jealous I wish I was under your trust, I have had 5 different care coordinators in 1 year

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