The End is Near…

My brain is mush at the moment. The past 2 days I’ve been on the unit all day, no leave. I had one incident on Friday evening so that’s why I couldn’t go on overnight leave as planned last night. But overall, I’m doing good generally. Since last time I posted, things have progressed a lot. I made the decision to stick with the Therapeutic Community, rather than try the new ED/PD service because the TC is a lot more intense, and you learn lots of skills. Being part of an eating disorder service, I’d also find triggering, especially being surrounded by underweight bodies. I also hadn’t given the TC enough of a go, after only being there a month before I was in hospital this time and have been for 7 months. So that’s that.

I’ll be allowed to attend that therapy again once I’m discharged and moved into the supported living accommodation. There’s a bed available in about 2-3 weeks apparently, so from there I’ll be allowed gradual leave there to get used to the new surroundings. And so, it seems I’m coming to the end of my inpatient journey.

It’s strange to imagine living back out in the real world; this has been my routine every day for the past 7 months so it’s going to be difficult transitioning to real life. But it may be easier than I think. There’s going to be lots of change though – moving to supported accommodation (leaving home), leaving the ward behind and starting intensive therapy again. Also connecting with friends. I’ve barely seen them or really socialised since being here, so finding new and reconnecting with old friends is going to be a challenge. I’m sure it will all work out in the end, and I’ll be closer to being that social worker I so desperately want to be.

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