Help please!

I need some help. Recently, I’ve been told off on the ward by the big boss about a picture I posted on my Instagram story. In the meeting which I got told it was wrong, I was accused of attacking/laughing at the mental health service. This was of course far from my intention. If I explain to you what the picture was (haven’t got it saved on my phone) will you give your honest opinions please?

I had, that night been ligaturing so was in anti-ligature clothes. That night I got no sleep whatsoever so was up late which is when I posted the photo. I had my thumb up, sarcastically because I wasn’t sleeping, and it read something like ‘anyone else not able to do sleep today?’ That was it.

It’s bothering me that I can’t see the wrong in it, so would appreciate being told. I have apologised because I am sorry if it offended the organisation, but I still am confused about what I’ve done wrong. Let me know your thoughts!

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