A Ball of Emotion

Tip-tapping on the keyboard is honestly my saving grace right now. If I didn’t have this, at times when things are difficult on the ward (patients struggling, having outbursts or incidences) I would probably give in to the self-harm urges. Not because it’s contagious, but because the amount of guilt from knowing people are suffering … Continue reading A Ball of Emotion

A Cinderella Moment

Head’s a whirlwind!! So I was just beginning a stretch on the yoga mat in group, and the nurse called me out, for my ward round. This was a moment I’d been revving myself up for. Ideally, I wanted to have my eyebrows plucked (the two moustaches at the top of my head), shower and … Continue reading A Cinderella Moment

Facing a ‘Personality Disorder’ Diagnosis

Helloooo to you all, 8 days short of a year since blogging! The question is, in what size nutshell could I summarise what’s occurred since then? Walnut? Pistachio? I’m not even sure what other nuts come in shells (could Google it, but I won’t fake my intelligence) so we’ll go with the first, slightly chunkier … Continue reading Facing a ‘Personality Disorder’ Diagnosis