Autumnal Update…

Well, well weekend. You know when you were a kid and you would get lost in a supermarket? You’d panic run past each aisle looking for your parent or designated adult… also admiring the sweets you’d love to chuck in the trolley, and the magazines but in too much of a tizz to consider picking … Continue reading Autumnal Update…

Life Choices vs. Self-Destruction

When you’ve been eaten by the mental health system for years, your life can go two ways. Either be in and out of psych hospitals (which is an easy trap to fall for) or grab the life you want and work out how to get there, powering through all temptation of regression and self-doubt. I … Continue reading Life Choices vs. Self-Destruction

Sometimes We Need to Break Before We Shine

Phwoar, it’s been a day n’ a half. Of course I’m typing from Grimsby still, over 3 hours away from Baldock where I started this little recovery ramble at the PICU. Well, where are we now… ? I’m sat at the windowsill of my home acute ward having just had a nice strong coffee (you’re … Continue reading Sometimes We Need to Break Before We Shine

Pre-Ward Round Rambles

Excitable, nervous butterflies enter my stomach every odd hour or two today. My first ward round tomorrow (review) with the doctor! But more importantly, with my home team too. I actually miss them. This experience is still alien to me, however I am adjusting and functioning with the change well. I’m proud of myself for … Continue reading Pre-Ward Round Rambles

The PICU Mindset

Here’s the thing… now that I’m determined and focused that no incidences will occur, I feel guilty for wasting a bed at the PICU. Guilt and shame are two very real, busy emotions for me. And often the trigger for something. I had a few incidences when I was in the isolation room, but now … Continue reading The PICU Mindset